Romantasy Cabaret

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Aerial Lyra:
Gravity defying, mind-blowing, and mesmerizing. Now pick your jaws up off the floor.
Also Available: Aerial silks, Lyra, Cube, Net, etc...
Insured Fire Performers
With Trained Safety Personnel
Fire Eating, Breathing, Fans, Staff,Rope Dart, Hoop, Contact, Torches, Dances, Palm Flames, Poi, Toi & More

Comedic Mentalist
Boggles the mind with mind reading, magic tricks, sleight of hand, and even balloon animals!

Classic Burlesque Dancers

The classic allure of tease with glitzy costumes and captivating dances sure to enthrall.
Aerial Pole:
Athletic & daring, watch her contort her supple limbs and master jaw-dropping feats, all while keeping her cool and making you hot!

Burlesque Feather Fans
Another classic attraction, our feather fans dancers will tickle your fancy with fetching costumes and charming dances.
Dangerous Sideshow Acts
Step right up folks and don't be alarmed! The next daredevil act will swallow sharp razor blades, hammer long nails into her head, why even walk upon glass.  Her signature ladder of swords will baffle you and her snake charming will haunt you.
Layers of gossamer silk flutters to offer a peek of a taught tummy, cymbals beckon you to gawk at her shimmying hips. Beware the
charms of our bellydancers and our tribal gypsies.

Comedic Singers

Hilarious lyrics accompanied by various instruments, these crooners will have you doubling over with laughter.
Variety Dancers
Entertainment Perfect for All Ages! Tap dancing flapper girls, playful dancing clowns, or perhaps flashy showgirls to dazzle your crowd.
Seasonal Variety Shows:
Macabre, Gothic, Spooky, Fetish Events
Holiday, Seasonal, Winter
Valentines, Wedding, Bachelorette, Anniversary, Birthday,
Themed Shows:
Arabian Nights, Vegas Nights, Speakeasy
Circus, Sideshow/Medicine Show, Fire Show, Masquerade Ball, etc