Romantasy Cabaret

We would like to save you some time. Prior to contacting us, please consider having these questions answered, to expedite a quote. Thank you and we hope to entertain you!

  • What is the date of your event?   *Note- during busy seasons Romantasy Cabaret is often booked months in advance as would be any other professional acts you approach.
  • What time do you expect us to arrive on site and how long do you expect us to stay?  *Note- we can arrive, perform and scoot out promptly. Or we can add ambiance to your event by mingling about. 
  • What is the location of your event?  *Note- we take into account travel time and distance. We also need to know if this is at a home, a conference room, a festival, a music venue...
  • What type of event is it and what type of act(s) are you looking for (or what theme are you trying to produce)?  *Note- with a description of the event you are trying to put on our producer can readily offer you a package deal of performances that will suit your event perfectly. We have tons to choose from! 
  • What ages will be present at your event (as in 18+ or 21+ or all ages)  *Note- it is important for us to know this since some of our acts contain adult material. 
  • Will there be free parking at the event for the performers and our crew?  *Please be prepared to cordon off space near the entrance for us to cart in and out props and/or offer us parking passes for larger events. Depending on what you will be having us do, we may need assistance loading in and out. 
  • Will there be a safe storage space for props, costumes and personal belongings of performers to prevent theft or loss or damage? *Note- our props and costumes can be costly to replace not to mention even dangerous if in the wrong hands. We need to be confident they will be safe and protected.
  • If there is travel involved, are you willing to pay for travel and lodging expenses?  *Planes, trains and automobiles plus a bed to lay our heads is all we ask.
  • Are you willing to make a 50% non-refundable deposit so that we hold the date for you? The remaining 50% will be requested in cash, the night of the event, prior to our taking the stage.

Typically, any event we do, we will request a rider to any contract, including and not limited to:
  1. Free bottled water provided to performers
  2. A safe dance surface and area. Performers are in high heels, ballet shoes, barefeet, and/or boots and sometimes perform dangerous acts. It is imperative we know the surface we are performing on. Things like nails, ledges, splintered wood, carpeting, broken glass, debris should all be amended prior to artist(s) taking the stage. It is also imperative we know the surroundings for fire performance safety, for example.
  3. In some cases a non-public space to change costumes in, including mirrors, with no other performers changing in that area for the duration of our set will be requested. This affords us time and space to conduct costume changes during our show to provide you with as much variety as possible. Often times, performers have only one song (usually about 3 minutes) to conduct a full costume change.

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